The article regarding a critical role of regulatory factor Regnase-1, not only in innate immunity but also in acquired immunity has been published.

Prof. Shizuo Akira (Osaka University), Core Researcher of the AKIRA Project , and Assist. Prof. Takashi Satoh (Osaka University), Assoc. Prof. Yutaka Suzuki (The University of Tokyo), Assoc. Prof. Daron M. Standley (Osaka University) and Prof. Osamu Takeuchi (Kyoto University), Sub-Project Members of the AKIRA Project, and their co-workers have published an ariticle in Cell.

In this research, they found that protein called Regnase-1 that is known as a regulatory factor of innate immune response has a significant role for development of an autoimmune disease in CD4+ helper T cells of acquired immune system.

This paper is an outcome of the AKIRA Project, FIRST Program.


〔The article published〕
Takuya Uehata, Hidenori Iwasaki, Alexis Vandenbon, Kazufumi Matsushita, Eduardo Hernandez-Cuellar, Kanako Kuniyoshi, Takashi Satoh, Takashi Mino, Yutaka Suzuki, Daron M. Standley, Tohru Tsujimura, Hiromi Rakugi, Yoshitaka Isaka, Osamu Takeuchi, Shizuo Akira:
Malt1-Induced Cleavage of Regnase-1 in CD4+ Helper T Cells Regulates Immune Activation.
Cell, Vol.153 (Issue 5), pp.1036-1049, May 23, 2013.


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