Public lecture was held

The public lecture of the AKIRA Project entitled, "to the Milky Way of the Inside of the Human Body - the Movements and Functions of Immune Cells Viewed through the Two-Photon Excitation Microscopy -" was held at the 'Sophia Sakai,' Kyoikubunka Center (Center for Education & Culture) of Sakai City, on November 24, Sunday, 2013. The lecture consisted of two sessions: the first session was for elementary school pupils and their accompanying persons and the second session was for junior high school students or older. 231 participants, in total, joined the event.


In the lecture, Professor Masaru Ishii, one of the Sub-Project Leaders of the AKIRA Project, acted as a communicator, and gave an explanation on the movies of various types of cells that had been taken with two-photon excitation microscopy and were projected on the dome screen of the Planetarium. He explained the details of his research in plain language as well.


Dr. Joji Fujisaki, an assistant professor of the Columbia University, USA, was also invited as a guest speaker, and he talked about such topics that may render participants to feel scientific researches closer to themselves as: hardships and interesting aspects of conducting researches, as well as what set his heart to become a researcher.


At the end of each session there was a cell movie show with BGM, and the participants enjoyed the impressive images. The comments from participants include, 'It was very interesting to watch the images of real cells, not CG.'


Selected pictures of the public lecture (for larger images, please click the pictures below) 










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