Professor Akira, the Core Researcher of the AKIRA Project, took the podium at the FIRST EXPO 2014 & Science Forum, and the Project opened a booth

An outreach activity that summarizes the FIRST Program was held.20140228_firstexpo.jpg

 "FIRST EXPO 2014" was held at the Belle Salle Shinjuku Grand in Tokyo from February 28, Friday, to March 1, Saturday, 2014. The symposium themed  "A Scenario to '2030 created by Science and Technology,'" organized by Waseda Research Institute Corporation, as well as the Science Forum organized by JST were held at the same time and two days together saw 1400 participants in total.


As the AKIRA Project, we opened a booth and introduced the contents and outcomes of our research activities in plain language, using a video, brochures, and panels.


Professor Shizuo Akira, the Core Researcher of the project, took the podium at the Special Session 1. Together with other two Core-Researchers, he commented on the FIRST Program in the panel discussion, reviewing the benefits and challenges of the program. Professor Akira also took the podium at the FIRST Research Result Presentation 8 entitled, "Unlocking the Secrets of Human Mind and Body!" and presented the research outcomes of the AKIRA Project to date.




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