Patent Seminar 2 held on March 19, 2013

The second Intellectual Property (IP) Seminar designed especially for foreign researchers of the AKIRA Project, FIRST Program was held in the meeting room 1 of WPI-IFReC on March 19, 2013.

patentseminar_en.jpgProf. Yuji Maeda, Specially Appointed Professor and IP Strategy Coordinator of the AKIRA Project, gave a lecture in English.

In the seminar, he explained about employee's invention and principle of first-to-file system in Japanese Patent Act as well as the flow chart of international application.

The seminar included a lot of new topics since the last time, and they attracted participants' interest.


The AKIRA Project will provide researchers with IP-related support, such as individual consultations and arrangement of collaboration with outside institutions to encourage the use of IP.

Handout for the seminar is available here.


Lecturer's Profile

Prof. Yuji Maeda (IP Strategy Coordinator, AKIRA Project, FIRST Program)

After engaging in R&D of chemical and medical products over a long period of time at a chemical company, Prof. Maeda has worked as a coordinator in charge of intellectual property matters at universities by taking advantage of his hands-on experiences as researcher. He is currently a Specially Appointed Professor of Support Office for Large-Scale Education and Research Projects, Osaka University, and serves as IP Strategy Coordinator for the AKIRA Project, FIRST Program.


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