Panel exhibition and Science cafe events were held at the Osaka University Icho Festival on May 2 & 3, 2013.

As part of the Osaka University Icho Festival held on May 2-3, 2013, the AKIRA Project and the  KAWAI Project jointly held an open program titled 'Two World-Leading Research Projects, "Immunology on the Edge" & "Research and Development of Innovative Nano Bio-devices" 'at the Alliance hall on the first floor of Techno Alliance Complex, Osaka University (Suita Campus).
More than 160 people including a lot of high school students joined the event.

Participants saw and listened to panel exhibitions & video presentations of the lectures that introduced World-Leading Research Projects with great interest. Moreover, they enjoyed quiz and original video games.

Science Café on the Edge titled "Challenge the Limit of MRI! -Live Imaging, from Neural Activity to Immune Reaction-" with Prof. Yoshioka as a guest speaker was held on May 3, from 14:00 to 15:30. In the event, various images taken by MRI were introduced, and the participants were looking into the MRI images very curiously.


Photos (Click photograph to enlarge)




Feedback from the participants
(From the results of the questionnaire conducted at the events.)

Q. What impressed you most?
・Intuitive video game   (Male, 30s.)
・The explanations by staff helped me to understand the contents of the projects.(Undergraduate student / Graduate student)
・I really enjoyed video presentations of the lectures. I didn't get bored of listening to them at all.  (High school student)
・I understood better with explanation done by the staff , while looking at Panel exhibition. (High school student)


The report of Science café will be posted later.


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