Research Outline
1 Studies on the relationship between innate immunity and acquired immunity
Elucidation of the mechanism for activating acquired immunity by innate immunity.
Shizuo AKIRA, Core Researcher
2 The migrations of immune cells are investigated by biological imaging.
Dynamism analysis of monocytes/macrophages employing biological imaging and system biology
Masaru ISHII
3 Labeling of immune cells
Development of chemical molecular imaging probes to visualize immune phenomena
4 We will establish a method to observe immune responses in detail without using a probe.
Label-free Raman imaging for immunological research
Nicholas Isaac SMITH
5 The functions of protein molecules involved in immunity are investigated based on their structures.
Structural biological research on innate immunity
Fuyuhiko INAGAKI
6 We will reveal molecular interactions within immune cells
Systems biology analysis of the immune response